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Well no one exactly knows, from where the word spa comes from? Someone may say it has its own origin in Latin phrase ‘Salus per aquae” which means ‘health through water’. However it can only be an assumption. There is not any actual testimony for this fact.


Back from synthetic to Nature
How many of you believe me that beauty is not only about looking great from the outside. On the contrary you should also feel gorgeous and relaxed internally. Right up until some time back there was clearly an unnatural craziness and blind faith for cosmetic products among ladies. But lately, increasingly more ladies are going back in the direction of traditional treatments through which more herbal products are being used rather than imported brands - packed with chemicals. It's true that chemical products make your skin appear clean and radiant however in the long run they incur huge amount of damage to your skin.


Revival of herbal treatments with Health Spas
You might feel sad to learn, that over the last decade conventional and natural beauty therapies were entirely driven out from the beauty regime of average women. But thanks to the sudden sprung up of several day spas; they've brought back the elegance and excitement for the traditional and herbal products, even during by far the most fashion craze people! They are providing a number of beauty treatments based on natural and traditional products. Aside from beauty aspects they're also taking care of the medical issues of their customers. With modern-day approach, they are bringing back the magnificence of those old ancient times- well know for the healing powers of the mineral waters and hot springs. In fact water therapy is still considered to be the soul of spa experience particularly in Europe.



Some essential tips you want to know before a Health Spa
If you are planning to go for a health spa, and assume it's going to be your first spa visit, it can be quite a source of some fear for you. So why not talk about about some spa social manners. It will be cool going for you even if you be familiar with some basics of it.


•    First switch off your smart phone. The reason being you are in day spa for relaxing yourself and in case the phone is ringing continuously, how will you be relaxed?


•    Be on-time. Well there's nothing more nerve-racking than striping oneself for massage! That is why you have to be punctual especially on the first day, so that you can get acquainted with all the environment and mentally get ready for it. You need to reach at least 15-20 minutes before. You may be also required to do some paperwork such as filling the registration form.


•    Be very firm about what you want. Whenever you give a call for a scheduled visit, they'll ask for your choice, male or female massage therapist? During the massage process, if you'd like something then speak about your needs, like some may like low pressure, some might like high-pressure, demand a blanket in case you are feeling chilly, and so on.



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